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HRQ serie dobbeltstang støddæmper pude magnetisk roterende bord pneumatisk cylinder

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Produkt Features:

1. Rack and pinion design, stable functioning.

2. Double cylinder structure, double output could be achieved.

3. The manufacturing precision of working platiform is high, and is easy for installation。and is of precise orientation.

4. The center of working platform has a through hole, and pipe can belocated and passed through this hole.

5. Guide hole is designed on the both side of the cylinder body (10~200) or undersurface (2~7), which is simply to install.

6. Two modes of bufer could be chosen, adjustment bolt bufer and intemalshock absorber,  the maximum bffer energy of internal shock absorber is 3-5 times that of adjustment bolt buffer. 


1Adjustment bole8Hexagon socket head set bole15Stempelforsegling220-ring
2Sekskantmøtrik9Guide pin/flat key16Bær ring230-ring
3Tæt skive10Deep-groove bearing17Magneter24Hexagon skrue
5Fylde1212 Deep-groove bearing/Needle bearing19pinion

6Hexagon socket head set bole13Bagsiden20O ring



HRQ Series Rotary Table Cylinder10

Fungerende typeDouble rack and pinion(Double acting)
Fluid Luft (skal filtreres med 40 μm filterelement)
ArbejdstrykWith adjustment bolt0.15~0.7MPa(22~100psi)(1.5~7.0bar)
With internal shock absorber-
0.15~0.7MPa(22~ 100psi)(1.5~7.0bar)
Bevisstryk1.2 MPa (175 psi) (12.0 bar)
Temperatur ° C-20 ~ 70
Vinkeljusteringsområde~ 0 190 °~ 0 190 °
Repeatable precisionWith adjustment bolt0.2 °
With internal shock absorber-
0.05 °
Theoretic moment (Nm)(0. 5MPa)0.20.330.631.
Cushion typeWith adjustment boltGummi kofanger
With internal shock absorber-
Havnestørrelse End portsM5x0.81 / 8 " 
Side portsM5x0.8
Weight! g12017527053594012602060289041007650

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